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Are you curious about creating a career that makes you come ALIVE?

Our Business Starter Intensive Program is for passionate women like you who are exploring the idea of building their own business. You’re not quite ready to quit your day job, but you know a successful and profitable online business is possible and you’re ready to dip your toes in and get started!

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You’ve got AMAZING ideas.

And you’ve got hustle. You totally know you can build an awesome business...but you’re hitting a few roadblocks along the way.

You’ve been hired by family and friends on occasion, but you’re not sure what your ideal client actually looks like…or where to find them.

You’re tossing around a few business plans that have potential, but you’re just not sure which road to take or where to start.

You know there are entrepreneurs out there getting paid to do awesome work…and you know your work is just as awesome! But, how do you put a number on that work and how do you present that value to customers?

You’ve got Insta, Pinterest, Facebook…but you feel like they may be underutilized. How do you reach your ideal clients and convert from social?

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Let’s work together to move past the obstacles that are preventing you from diving into your business and getting closer to turning your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Consider this your sneak peek into running your own incredible business! If you’re ready to explore the possibilities and develop actionable steps forward, let’s chat!

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Hello beautiful! I’m Alexandria!

But we’re friends now, so you can call me Allie!

You could say that I’ve always taken my own path in life...and where there wasn’t one, I created it myself.

When my college days were wrapping up and I was looking to the future, I thought back to my “What I Want to Be When I Grow Up” daydreams from childhood. What did I want to be? A dog. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a dog? My dog, Smokey, got to stay home all day, hang out on the couch, play when she felt like it, and, most importantly, graze on snacks whenever she was hungry.

Okay, okay, so “dog” may have been off the table as a career choice, but my independent streak did motivate me to dive right into entrepreneurship immediately following graduation...and I’ve been learning and growing ever since!

I’ve never had to work set hours, have someone else decide whether or not I get to take vacation, and I have always been the one deciding my salary. Plus, I can work from the couch with my four dogs, so I like to think I’ve gotten pretty darn close to 6-year old Allie’s goals.

For over half a decade, I’ve been working in the online world. I’ve worked with everyone from digital product-based services to influencers to small businesses and nonprofits. I help clients launch e-courses, set up passive income streams, build podcasts, and close deals with clients that could have only dreamed of. I’ve turned what started as a one-woman virtual assistant business into an online business management firm that brings in 5-figure months.

Now, I’m here to teach you everything I’ve learned along the way so that you can live your own dreams.

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During the Business Starter Incentive Program, we’ll dive into what it takes to bring your business to the next level:


You’ve been working with family and friends, getting a few leads through word-of-mouth, but you know the key to ongoing success is find the right clients. We’ll discuss how you can develop your ideal client persona based on your services and the people you want to work with!


I know, I know, valuing your work can be the toughest part of starting a business, but it’s absolutely necessary to know your worth if you want to make real money! Let’s talk about how you can build offers that sell and communicate to clients why the investment is 100% worth it.


Posting to Insta once a week or casually repining a few images here and there is not a business strategy. We’ll dive into some real talk on how you can go from social media lurker to social media branding badass.


If you leave the Business Starter Incentive Program feeling so pumped that you enroll in coaching, AWESOME! But, even if you don’t, you’re going to move forward with resources and workbooks that will help you continue to build your business using real, actionable steps.


This program is for you if... 

You’re super talented, creative, and ready to hustle. You don’t want to let go of your day job just yet, but you’re ready to explore a plan forward towards a career that fulfills you, that builds up your strengths, and makes you come alive. You want to join a tribe of amazing female entrepreneurs who are growing businesses and finding financial freedom.

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So, what’s included? 

  • 90-minute call where we go over topics including building your ideal client avatar, conducting a social media audit, social media growth hacks, and developing your offer and pricing tactics

  • A resource library that includes a list of high-converting Facebook groups that are geared towards your ideal client

  • Information regarding the programs that I use to successfully and efficiently run my business

  • A dreams list workbook to help you build a plan forward towards a career that lets you come alive!

In 2018, I made multiple 6 figures working 30-hour work weeks with inspiring, ambitious female entrepreneurs. Now, it’s YOUR turn to find success!





  1. Click on the button below to fill out the application to my Passive Income Accelerator Program! Be as thorough as possible in your answers.

I only take on women who are 100% committed. It shows when you put thought and heart into your application!

  1. I will email you within 48 business hours with a decision and directions on next steps.

    If your application is approved, we’ll schedule a 30-minute discovery call to dive into what’s currently going on in your business, what’s missing to get you to the next level, and which of my offers is the perfect fit for you.

Note: This application is only for badass entrepreneurs (or future entrepreneurs!) who are ready to get started + invest now.