Are You Struggling with Instagram?

Let me guess… You’re spending several hours every week trying to grow your Instagram account but the numbers refuse to go up. You’ve tried everything but you’re still not getting engagement? Don’t blame it on the algorithm - there’s a way to fix this!

As one of the most popular platforms used by entrepreneurs, it’s crucial to have a strong social media presence. My top 5 tips to grow your Instagram account are to use hashtags, be consistent, engage, post quality content and use Instagram stories.


Using hashtags is a must to grow your Instagram account. It’s important to find hashtags that are in your niche so that your posts get more visibility and engagement from the people you’re targeting. The best hashtags are those who have been used between 20 000 and 600 000 times because if you use hashtags that are too popular, the chances of your posts being seen go down.


Now, let’s talk about being consistent! I highly recommend posting at least 5 times a week because the more often you post the more your account will grow. You should also be consistent with your branding-use consistent logo, colors and fonts and spend time finding something that works well for your feed. When you post often and stay on brand people will start recognizing you.


Instagram is a social media platform which means you have to be SOCIAL to benefit from it! Make sure you’re constantly engaging and making connections because you never know who and where your next client may be. Don’t be afraid to leave meaningful comments, like pictures and DM people by sending them a quality message and having a real human conversation to build a relationship with them.


When using Instagram to grow your business, quality content is invaluable. The visual representation of your brand is usually the first experience your audience has with it – make sure to stand out! Without being a Savvy Photoshop user, you can create great visuals by simply using a friendly-user software like Canva. You can also find stock images and pre-made templates  to include in your feed for variety.

Instagram Stories:

Potential clients and followers will want to see the behind the scenes view of your day and the projects that you work on. Have fun with your IG stories! Show your audience what resources you’re using, involve them in your decisions, ask questions, show your personality and make sure to let your community know they matter to you.

As a busy business owner, we understand that you can’t do it all. In fact, we would advise you not to! That is why you leave it to the professionals, so you can enjoy what you are most passionate about. Let us deal with what you can’t, won’t or simply just don’t have enough time to. Savvy Social Impressions team of experts has three different packages to offer depending on your goals and budget.



90-minute private session | Investment: $350

Are you putting in all this time and effort to grown and and make sales on Instagram but you’re just not seeing the results you expected?

That’s where I come in lovely! Let’s work together to formulate a plan to get your account discovered and book more clients!

What’s Included:

  • Account overview: I will exam your brand, find out what you have to offer that you’re not even making clear to your audience.

    • This will also include a break down of you bio, photos, captions, and hashtags! I’ll let you know what is working and what you need to change!

  • Bio revamp: We’ll create a whole new bio to highlight what you have to offer!

  • Content: We will come up with a social strategy and what I like to call the BIG 5!

  • Photos: We’'ll come up with an editing style that will work for your brand!

  • Hashtags: I will provide you with 60 hashtags that will help you get discovered and convert more followers!

  • Apps: I’ll send you an ebook of the apps that to measure your analytics, my favorite scheduling tool, Instagram story apps, and so much more!

  • Growth Hacks: Exclusive access to my growth hack e-book that is only available for Instagram audit customers.



Full takeover: Post, Engage, Growth for 30 days | Investment: $799

Let me guess… You’re spending several hours every week trying to create a beautiful feed but it’s still not looking right! On top of that you’re trying to grow your account account but the numbers refuse to go up no matter how many hours you spend on the platform. You’ve tried everything but you’re still not getting good engagement? If you answered yes to ANY of that then I’m your girl and I’m here to help!

What’s Included:

  • Team Meeting

  • Social Media Questionnaire

  • Ideal Client Avatar Creation

  • Social Media Audit

  • Social Media Strategy and Implementation on Instagram

  • Your Choice Of Two Custom Designed Social Media Templates

  • Feed Curation For 30 Days

  • Caption Creation

  • Audience Growth Initiative

  • Social Networking

  • Up to 60 Unique Hashtags: Designed to Represent Your Brand & Message

  • Social Media Workbook

  • 2 Week Follow Up

Hiring Savvy Social Impressions is an investment you won’t regret. Let’s grow your business together!