5 Tips On How to Find Clients Online

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The first thing a client is going to want to see is some proof that you have any idea what you are talking about. They want to know your services, your prices, what you do and do not provide, samples of your work, and references from people you’ve already worked for! Having a website is a professional way to organize all the information your ideal client will want to know about. Next time some potentially interested individual enquires about working with you, you can send them your website link where they will find your references and your portfolio. And on that note, you’re probably yelling “But how do I get a reference without a client?!” We suggest you offer a little pro-bono work in exchange for a reference. Building a website is a fantastic first step to finding clients.

Build a Social Media Presence

So you’ve got your site all build out but traffic just isn’t what you hoped it would be. Having a website is great but don’t forget to work on your entire social media presence; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest are the top social networking sites right now!

Build out those beautiful profiles and send all those links right back to your website to increase your traffic, and hopefully get more clients. Most importantly, once you have those accounts built, make sure to interact and build connections with people that are in your niche.

Have Confidence

This one is a tough one. It’s so hard to be confident when the people closest to you have no faith in your vision. It is so important to have faith in yourself and your vision, if you don’t have confidence in yourself, those potential clients you meet will never have faith in you either.

Do whatever it takes to build your confidence in yourself, if its cutting negativity out of your life or taking up a daily inspirational activity, do it! Your business is your future and it dies without your confidence to carry forward.

Join Facebook Groups

Identify your ideal client, and seek them out. Are you looking to support coaches to grow their businesses? Are your ideal client's other entrepreneurs, small businesses, working moms building their dream jobs? Figure out who your target client is and then seek out the groups online their network with.

Facebook groups are a great place to find the people you are hoping to turn into clients. For example, if you are a marketer looking for clients who are small businesses, you might search for Facebook groups for small business networking, or learning to market your small business.

After all, if they are looking to learn that skill, it’s because they need that skill, and it’s a terrible idea for a single person to try to do everything to run a business. You can suggest that they outsource the work of marketing their business to you, so they can focus on what they are skilled at.

You can join my Facebook group here and fell free to introduce yourself, pitch what you have to offer and ask questions when you need help!

Go Where the Client's Are

If you know your client would likely hang out in chat rooms or attend a particular conference, seek out sites and online locations where they would be found. For instance, there are groups of people who regularly attend conferences and keep in touch and up to date between conferences using chat rooms, websites, and targeted networking sites outside the standards. Network where they do! If it’s Twitter, or LinkedIn, get your profile setup and start adding real content and real value to that community.

You can also use sites like We Work Remotely or Upwork.

The whole point is to take the offer to your potential client on their territory. Make yourself a smart and convenient choice for your potential client and there is no way they can say no. These are just a few methods to help you find your first clients online and get you off to a running start with your new business, check back for more related content and suggestions coming soon.