5 Powerful Mindset Exercise To Make Your Day Better


Have you ever considered the effect of your mindset on your achievements? Some reduce mindset to, “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.” Those people wouldn’t be wrong either, but did you know you have the power to change your own mindset? A few simple exercises or daily rituals can change your mindset and the course of your whole day.

1 | Wake Up Better

Be honest with yourself now, what’s the first thing you do in the morning after waking up? Lay there a few minutes? Roll back over till that next alarm? Grab your phone and scroll through the morning’s news and Facebook updates? Be prepared to be upset because studies have found these are all the worst possible things you could do upon waking up. Prolonging getting up actually makes you feel more tired/ less alert throughout the day. Immediately ingesting negativity (like meaningless posts on Facebook and world news) can set your mood into a downward spiral. Experts suggest you set your alarm and get up the first time it goes off. Follow this with some positive morning routines such as meditation or setting your focus for the day with a statement like, “Today I will accomplish ____ and _____.” And then get out and do it!

2 | Explore Outside Perspectives

It can be easy to get caught up in the day to day dregs and forget to focus on the long-term growth of your business. Bring in people whom you trust when you have trouble making decisions about the next phase for your company or project. Whether these are friends or family, or someone you hire (such as a CEO, so you can focus on high-level business while they take care of day to day oversight), this could be incredibly beneficial to your business and your personal peace of mind. Not to mention it takes the stress off you so you can be in a better mindset and enjoy running your business.

3 | Seek to Notice the Positives

Challenge yourself to notice three positive ways that change effects either your life or your business per day. Do your clients prefer email to snail mail? We bet they do. What’s the next step to improve your communication? Would they prefer video calls to phone calls as a means of communicating with you more personally? Seeking out the positive ways changes can affect your life and business is another means of staying ahead of the curve. What’s more, you’ll be training your brain to seek out positives in life, preparing yourself to seek opportunities for change instead of fearing change.

4 | Keep Moving

Change will happen with or without your permission, and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. Imagine the inevitable changes that will come in your future and how they will affect your business. What would eventually put you out of business? Put on your competitor’s hat and figure out what you would do to beat your own company. Prepare for changes in the industry so that you are continually up to date and keeping ahead of the pack. For this same reason, it’s important to work on your own personal development so that you are the best leader for your business. Have intention in setting yourself and your business up for success whether it’s by mediation, yoga, spiritual practice, or education.

5 | Think About the Future

This is one of those things that can be quite daunting. The future is scary but it is also within the realm of your ability to effect. You know you want your business to grow and your life to change, but until you set a goal, a real measurable goal such as “I want to be making x dollars in a month,’ you won’t know if and when you’ve reached your goal!

Imagine how your mindset can be altered when you begin to see the positive effects vs the negatives in the long run. It’s important to remember in this process that your mindset is your own. You’ll need to experiment with what works for you for changing your mindset for the better. Keeping a journal, rocking out to a favorite song on your headphones, or spending 5 minutes meditating to calm your mind, any of these could be the right thing to get your mindset into a positive place. What works for others may not work for you and vice versa, so if one of these methods isn’t cutting it, keep searching for the right method for you.