3 Facebook Mistakes That Are Costing You Business

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Keep reading below for the 4 Facebook groups that creative entrepreneurs need to join today!

You’re looking for new business leads and you’ve heard that Facebook is the place to find them. Facebook has evolved from a social platform you open just to scroll through your friends’ latest vacation pics to a marketing tool used to find solid engagement that converts. So, you join all the right Facebook groups, you see postings that look productive pop up in your notifications daily, you respond...and, yet, you’re not seeing real return. What’s going on!?

We’re going to dive into the 3 common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when interacting with potential clients on Facebook AND walk you through how to fix them.


The scenario: A photographer posts on Facebook looking for a branding and social media expert to help her nail down her brand identity. You reply with, “Hey Lisa! I can help! Email me for more information.”

What’s going on: If you’ve been in the Facebook world of creatives and entrepreneurs, you know that every opportunity post gets dozens of offers. The person doing the hiring is 100% in the driver’s seat. So, when they’re looking through their options, they’re going to scroll right by any response that makes THEM do the work...and telling them to email you for information is asking them to do the work.

How to fix it: When you respond to an opportunity on Facebook, you have to go through 3 steps. First, you friend the poster so that your message (see step 2!) won’t get lost in the ether (you know that Facebook messages from non-friends go into a filtered mailbox, right?). Second, you message that person with your name, your business, what you do, and why you’re right for their needs. And, of course, don’t forget contact information and website! Lastly, you respond to the post with a message that includes a short version of the info from step 2 and tags the original poster to let them know you sent them a DM.

You and your work are now on their radar as someone who knows what they’re doing and gets shit done.


The scenario: You’ve responded to an edgy boutique owner with your elevator pitch, your website, and your contact info. You’re feeling really good about the energy you could bring to her business. Seriously, you seem like a perfect fit! But, days go by...and crickets.

What’s going on: Have you done an audit of your Facebook profile lately? Even if it’s your personal account, does it reflect your brand in some way? And, you do have a profile photo, right?!

When potential clients are sorting through the responses to their job posting, they’re making quick judgments on whether someone could be the right fit. They’re looking at your message, at your website...and they’re looking at your profile. People hire people. So, if you don’t have a photo at all, or your profile is at odds with your brand, they’re not going to realize that you could be the perfect fit for their business needs.

How to fix it: I totally get that your personal Facebook profile is about YOU, not your brand...so is mine! Just make sure that a potential client will get a glimpse at your lovely and talented self when they inevitably click through. Maybe that means changing your profile photo from your favorite cartoon character to...well, you. Or maybe you use a cover photo that reflects an interest of yours related to your business. Just a small change is all you need.


The scenario: Your niche is providing brand consulting services for life coaches that specialize in yoga and healing. Well, guess what you find on Facebook...a life coach/yoga instructor who’s looking for branding services! Your ideal client. You respond from your professional account with all the relevant information...but your pitch seems to get lost in the shuffle.

What’s going on: This mistake relates to Mistake #1...the original poster gets TONS of messages! They’re going to pick the first person that rises to the top with the right skills and the right pitch, and they’ll hire them if it seems like a fit. The key is to get on their radar early...but how do you do that without trolling Facebook 24/7?

How to fix it: Turn on your notifications for only the Facebook groups that appeal to your potential clients! While you’ll never be able to catch every post, you’ll have a better chance of getting in early when you get a notification every time someone posts in the groups that are relevant to your work. Many posters turn off comments once they hit a certain point (40 responses?! 50?!), but, realistically, they don’t even have time to read through that many. You have to get in at the beginning AND follow the 3 steps from Fix #1.

4 Facebook Groups For Creative Entrepreneurs

Now that you’re a pro at finding business leads and potential clients through Facebook, it’s time to join some of the best groups out there for creative entrepreneurs! Here are a few of our favorites:

Socially Savvy: Of course we had to include our own! Join us on FB for tips on building your social presence and your business.

Freelancing Females: A great resource for all the writers, designers, and photographers out there.

Society Gal: This is where female entrepreneurs come together to find community over competition.

#TheSocialSquad: Find inspiration for growing your business via social content.  

Create + Cultivate: Come here to find a supportive network of female entrepreneurs and side hustlers.

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